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My reason……


My dog training methods have evolved since the early 90s and continue to do so as I learn from the dogs and people I encounter daily. I habitually observe both human and canine behavior as it is a puzzle in motion where the answers are fluid.  The variables in the  behavior of emotional and social beings (humans and canines) are what intrigue my constant pursuit to learn through observation, interaction, mindfulness and openness. I choose a teaching style that is based on a foundation of mutual respect, compassion, trust and cooperation. My intention is to share what I have experienced in hopes that it will help you in your journey.

I aim to inspire thought, consideration and most importantly, positive action.  We each choose our own path everyday; it is these choices that create our unique journey.  What I share may challenge or vary from what you have learned previously-that’s ok.  Take from it what serves you and your dog best.

To my guests who are keenly interested in solving a specific dog behavior challenge, in the near future I will invite you to join Happy K9 Campus, our soon to be launched online dog training academy.  It is there that you will be able to select the specific behaviors you want to focus on.  We have designed the experience to be tailored to your individual needs and interests. You will find a multitude of learning options based on subject, skill level and investment. 

I have learned that I will never be able to make everyone happy and/or accommodate each person’s preferences BUT I just might be able to help each person and/or dog in some way….this is my intention, purpose and mission in life.  So my request from each visitor, please be mindfully open to what I share and maximize the opportunity to learn and gain new perspectives.

Stay tuned for more Happy Woofs from the K9 Professor!

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